Project Plan

Second submission: Project Plan

The second document you shall write and hand in is the project plan. It is a more detailed description of what you intend to do in your degree project and is typically a few pages long. The project plan shall be written after your project description has been accepted by the examiner.

In the project plan, you outline how you intend to approach the problem and define milestones during the project work. The purpose is to use it as a guide for you, the student, and your supervisor to check if the project work progresses in the right direction.

The project plan shall contain:

  • Background. A description of the subject area of your degree project. You can re-use some text from the project description.
  • Problem formulation. A description of the problem you shall work on, limitations (what shall and what shall not be included in the project), and expected results.
  • Motivation. Why the chosen problem is interesting for science, society or industry.
  • Objectives. A list of what you plan to do in your project.
  • Which method you plan to use to approach and answer the problem.
  • A time plan for the complete project. When in time shall each subtask and milestone be finished? A detailed time plan will help you structure your working time and makes it easy to see if you are on schedule or not.

An example of a project plan can be found here.


Your project plan will be evaluated by a board of teachers to determine if the project idea is appropriate for a degree project or not. It is, therefore, important that you have listened to the feedback received at the seminars. The purpose of the feedback is to make life easier for you, not to criticize. Some ideas are simply not suitable for thesis projects.

You will get one of the following grades on your project plan:

  • Pass – the project plan is okay and you can start working on your project.
  • Minor revision – the project plan is overall okay but some minor things need to be fixed before you can start working on your project.
  • Fail – the project idea is not suitable for a degree project, or the project plan is of too low quality. In this case, you are not allowed to continue on the degree project course and have to start over the next semester.


Use one of the following templates when you write your project plan:

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