Project Proposals

Project proposals

Below is a list of thesis project proposals from external companies or researchers at the university. If you are interested in a proposal, contact the listed contact person. In some proposals a recommended level (bachelor or masters) is specified. If you are interested in a proposal on a different level than you are doingyourthesisin, ask the contact person if you can select the topic anyway.

Topic Company Contact Person More Info
Architectural Tactics and Patterns for Self-Adaptive Software Systems Nadeem Abbas Link
Reuse in Self-Adaptive Software Systems: A Systematic Literature Review Nadeem Abbas Link
A Systematic Literature Review on Architecture-Based Methods to Develop Self-Adaptive Systems Nadeem Abbas Link
Evaluation of the eARF Analytical Framework Nadeem Abbas Link
Defining Testing Processes for ASPLe Methodology Nadeem Abbas Link
Defining Implementation Processes For a Methodology Nadeem Abbas Link
TAAR – A Tool for Architectural Analysis and Reasoning Nadeem Abbas Link
AI Sound Analytics and Sound Processing OCCDEC AB Fredrik Ahlgren Link
AI Sound Analytics Backend OCCDEC AB Fredrik Ahlgren Link
Catch a thief Medsen AB Fredrik Ahlgren Link
Disrupt a Wheelchair Medsen AB Fredrik Ahlgren Link
Robotics — communication interfaces and real-time applications Fredrik Ahlgren Link
Artificial Intelligence for Autonomous and Cooperative Driving in Smart-Railways Francesco Flammini Link
Roaming Models for the Internet of Things (IoT) Francesco Flammini Link
Colored Petri Net Patterns for Dependability
Modeling in Cyber-Physical Systems
Francesco Flammini Link
Artificial Intelligence in Cyber-Security Francesco Flammini Link
Smart Troubleshooting in the Connected Society Sigma Technology Francesco Flammini Link
Cyber-Physical Simulation Platform Mauro Caporuscio Link
Digitalization – Automation Industry 4.0 Diego Perez Link
Uncertainties in the Modeling of Self-Adaptive Systems Diego Perez Link
Patterns for Self-adaptive service-oriented applications Diego Perez Link
Automatic deployment of microservice applications using containers Diego Perez Link
Automatization of Development Environment InfoCaption Diego Perez Link
Fully Decentralized Data Stream Processing Mauro Caporuscio Link
Topics in Information Visualization (list of several topics) Andreas Kerren Link
User: student
Database for Small Museums Stiftelsen Bergdala Glastekniska Museum Björn Zethræus Link
Utvecklad sökfunktion och startportal i SAP Business Objects Region Kalmar län, IT-förvaltningen Torsten Dahlberg Link
Undersökning av Region Kalmar läns behov av uppföljningsmöjligheter inom beslutsstöd Region Kalmar län, IT-förvaltningen Torsten Dahlberg Link
Plagiarism detection in Git/GitLab Daniel Toll Link
Mirror for patient communication TietoEvry Ulf Seijsing Link
Avoid crowd in public transportation TietoEvry Ulf Seijsing Link
Digital stöd för förbättrad virkesflödeskontroll Småland Timber Bernt Martinsson tel 0472 617211 Link
Kompetensväxel inom skog och trä (KVIST) Nina Albrecht tel 0470-708149 Link
Kvalitetsavvikelse i olika dimensioner hos sågat virke J G Anderssons söner Claes Andersson Magnus Ragnarsson Link
Beslutsstöd för produktionsplanering med hjälp av relevant data J G Anderssons söner Claes Andersson Magnus Ragnarsson Link

Template for writing bachelor project proposals can be downloaded here.

Industry contacts

Companies are often interested in degreeprojects butdon’t have any specific proposals prepared. Instead, they want students to contact them to discuss projects thatsuitsthe student best. Here is a list of contact persons at various companies:

Company Contact Person Keywords
Experis Ellen Hedvall Artificial Intelligence for Cyber-security; Cyber-security for the Internet of Things; Forensic Cyber-security
Fortnox Johan Hagelbäck
Infomaker Patrik Granlöv
IST Mathilda Nilsson Bring your own proposal
Sigma IT Consulting Bengt Welin
Consid Andreas Persson
Combitech Albin Toresson Example in the topic of High Speed Networks (in Swedish)
Dizparc Fredrik Alserin DIACCESS
Outpost24 HR department
Kalmar Energi Viktor Olofsson
CGI Jonas Carlbring
Kalmar Science Park Mats Olsson
Beanloop AB Jesper Håkansson
Sigma Technology Johan Ericsson
Norden Machinery Magnus Möller
Region Kalmar län Jenny Carlsson

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