When you are finished with your thesis project you shall have an oral presentation. You shall also be an opponent of another student’s thesis project, and another student shall be an opponent of your project.

You have 15 minutes to present your thesis project. This is rather short time, so you cannot go into too much detail. A good outline for the presentation is:

  • Short background description (3 min)
  • Research problem and motivation (2 min)
  • Research questions and method (1 min)
  • Implementation, or description of a study (5 min)
  • Results and analysis (2 min)
  • Conclusions (2 min)

Try to be as close to 15 minutes as possible. It is strongly recommended that you practice on your presentation to see how long it takes. Invite some friends to listen, they can give you valuable feedback! You can also write short notes so you remember what to say. It helps you staying on track so you don’t wander off and spend time talking about things you didn’t plan.

You are required to use slides in your presentation, preferably using Powerpoint, PDF or online tools such as Prezi and Google Docs. Avoid having too much text on each slide, and use figures and pictures to make it easier for the audience to understand what you are talking about.

You are allowed to have your presentation in Swedish, but English is preferred since there can be people in the audience that don´t speak Swedish.

Opposition and Questions

After your presentation, the opponent has 5 minutes to give comments and feedback on and ask questions about your thesis project. When the opponent is finished the audience and examiner have 5 minutes to ask additional questions.

Try to give as good answers as possible to the questions. If you don’t know how to answer, it is okay to say that you don’t know or haven’t thought about it.

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