IEEE references

In-text references

All references in your report shall be in the IEEE format. In this format, each reference is labeled with a number within square brackets. The list below shows some examples of how to write in-text references:

  • “The theory was first put forward in 1987 [1].”
  • “Scholtz [2] has argued that…….”
  • “Several recent studies [1], [3], [4], [15], [16] have suggested that…”
  • “… which was also shown in other studies [4], [15].”

In the end of your report, you shall include a list with full details of all references used in the report. The references are ordered as they appear in the text (in order of citation, not in alphabetical order). The reference list must follow a specific format. Examples of how to list a web page [1], [2], a journal article [3], a textbook [4], a conference proceeding [5] and a bachelor thesis [6] are shown in the reference list below.

Monash University has an excellent guide if you want to know more about IEEE referencing.

Reference List

[1]  Monash University. (2015) Citing and referencing: IEEE. [Online]. Available:

[2]  C. Lynch, “Big data: How do your data grow?” Nature, vol. 455, pp. 28–29, 2008.

[3]  S. Russell and P. Norvig, Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, 3rd ed. Prentice Hall, 2010.

[4]  D. Agrawal, S. Das, and A. E. Abbadi, “Big data and cloud computing: current state and future opportunities,” in Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Extending Database Technology, 2011, pp. 530–533.

[5]  F. Geier, “The differences between SSD and HDD technology regarding forensic investigations,” Bachelor thesis, Department of Computer Science, Linnaeus University, Växjö, Sweden, 2015.

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