You, the student, are the one who moves the project forward. Without your work, ambition, and initiative the project will halt. The supervisor has the right to expect a high level of commitment and initiative from students. It is up to you to make sure that the work progresses, that pieces of software and report writing are finished on time, and that meetings are planned. You are also expected to be open to supervision and respond positively to the guidance, feedback, and suggestions from the supervisor. Always keep in mind that the supervisor is your ally. His/her feedback is not meant to make life harsh for you, but to make your thesis project as good as possible!

The responsibilities of the student are:

  • Write and hand in project description and project plan in time.
  • Together with your supervisor decide how often and where supervision meetings shall take place. Meetings can, for example, be held every week, every second week or only when you contact the supervisor and request a meeting.
  • Together with your supervisor plan and discuss deliveries (when parts of your project shall be finished and delivered to your supervisor for feedback).
  • Make sure to submit deliveries and report drafts to your supervisor before meetings.
  • Continuously (at least once a week) report progress to the supervisor by email.
  • Maintain progress according to the time plan in the project plan document.
  • Drive the project forward and initiate discussions and meetings.
  • Address and respond to criticism, guidance and suggestions given by the supervisor.
  • Inform your supervisor of any difficulties, technical and non-technical problems or personal circumstances that slow down or halt your work.
  • Proofread your text before sending it to the supervisor.

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