Project Proposals

Project proposals

Below is a list of thesis project proposals from external companies or researchers at the university. If you are interested in a proposal, contact the listed contact person. In some proposals a recommended level (bachelor or masters) is specified. If you are interested in a proposal on a different level than you are doing your thesis in, ask the contact person if you can select the topic anyway.

Topic Company Contact Person More Info
Several Topics on Security Outpost24 Outpost24 HR
Narges Khakpour (LNU Contact)
Topics List
Apply (Master and Bachelor)
Secure Self-reconfiguring Services to Mitigate DoS Attacks Omegapoint Narges Khakpour Link
Colored Petri Net Patterns for Dependability
Modeling in Cyber-Physical Systems
Francesco Flammini Link
Artificial Intelligence in Cyber-Security Francesco Flammini Link
Smart Troubleshooting in the Connected Society Sigma Technology Francesco Flammini Link
Cyber-Physical Simulation Platform Mauro Caporuscio Link
Genetic Algorithms for Smart Power Grid Mauro Caporuscio Link
Microservice Architecture – Smart Service Discovery Mauro Caporuscio Link
Quality Model for Reactive Systems Diego Perez Link
Relationships between QoS and software Adaptability Mauro Caporuscio Link
Gemensam kodbas för mobilappar SAAB Jens Nilsson Link
Uncertainties in the Modeling of Self-Adaptive Systems Diego Perez Link
N-Grams as a Measure of Naturalness and Complexity Jonas Lundberg Link
Industrial Process Optimization Yaskawa, Wexiödisk Sabri Pllana ( Link
Topics in Information Visualization (list of several topics) Andreas Kerren Link
User: student
Password: isovis

Template for writing bachelor project proposals can be downloaded here.

Industry contacts

Companies are often interested in degree projects but don’t have any specific proposals prepared. Instead, they want students to contact them to discuss projects that suits the student best. Here is a list of contact persons at various companies:

Company Contact Person
Fortnox Joakim Henrixon
Infomaker Patrik Granlöv
IST Mathilda Nilsson
Sigma Bengt Welin
Consid Andreas Persson
Combitech Albin Toresson
Dizparc Fredrik Alserin
Outpost24 HR department

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