Step 2 – implementation

Now we're off on the major part of the course; the project creation! Over these weeks you...

  • iterate on your project.
  • spy on your course comrades. Use the guild to keep tabs on them!
  • collaborate!. Find link to other people's projects on the guild. Try their apps, look at their code, find an opportunity to change/add something and submit a PR!
  • make sure other people have an easy time submitting PR:s to you by
    • ensuring the guild link is update
    • continually pushing your work to the gh-pages branch of the repo
    • commenting / documenting your code
    • lamenting eventual bugs/problems on the Slack channel, enticing others to bite
  • sound off against David. Don't wait around until he comes knocking or you are in dire need - if you have a moment to spare and he's not shackled by someone else, chat him up!
  • blog about your endeavours.
  • regularly check the Advice section of the guild. Blog posts of an article character that hold a common interest will be published here. You are expected to read everything that turns up there!
  • spend time in the Slack channel! Take part in the discussion, ask/answer code questions and feed the general energy. Sitting the course out in silence simply isn't allowed!
  • regularly check the course webpage.

And remember our religious attachment to the course cliché - the journey is the goal! This means that however you choose to spend your time, make sure there is some way for me to follow along (talk to me, blog, do PR:s, slack on Slack, ...). Again, hiding for five weeks and emerging with a splendid project will not suffice in this course.

Best of luck to you, see you in the trenches!

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