Course overview

This is a lecture-free course in two parts;

  • creation of a RIA using cutting edge libraries and best practices
  • a theoretical deep-dive into a related tool or concept

However, lecture free doesn't mean unsupervised! Instead, teacher time on this course will be spent giving active guidance in your project.

Also you are encouraged to help your fellow students with their projects. As all such aiding will be documented through pull requests, they count just as much towards your grade as the lines of code you write for your own project!

Throughout the course you will chronicle your journey in a blog. The level of detail is up to you, but much like with the helping of others, a thoughtful blog post will be worth as much or more as code.

Under the heading course blocks in the menu to the left you'll find step by step details on what you're supposed to do. The resources heading holds various helpful links to different subjects relevant to the content of the course steps.

Aim of the course

This course embodies the old cliché of "the road is the goal". Your finished project is not what will be used to measure your success; instead it is the weighted total of everything you have done over the course, including refactorings, research, dead-ends, discussions, pull requests - everything except procrastinations.

That means that it is vital not to be a lone ninja in front of your computer, as if you don't share your thoughts, others and I can't hear them!


As the resulting projects can be rather small in this course can be rather small because of the time spent meandering on the road, it is easy to label this course as light and non-demanding. Please refrain from doing so; you are expected to devote half of your time to the course, equalling 20 hours a week, and in some sense, that should be reflected in your deeds.

Setting off

Enough with the sermons; to get started, look under Course Blocks in the menu and go to the inaugural Step 0!

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