Step 0 – setting the scene

Before we get our hands dirty, let's set the stage to make sure we have what we need! Please follow this brazen todo-list, and you should emerge on the other side all set to go...

  • Join the slack channel and say hello!
  • Read the course introduction (and snoop around a bit on the rest of the course web)
  • If you feel the need, strengthen your JavaScript fu!
  • Install Node and NPM if you haven't got them
  • Install Git and register on Github if you haven't already
  • Choose a blog solution and set it up
  • Write a first post presenting yourself! Include how much webbiness there's in your backpack from before, and what your hopes and goals are with regards to this course! Also say something about your developing environment; what editor are you using?
  • Catch David for an introductory chat between for eyes! The easiest way is to corner him on Slack and set up a Skype call from there.
  • Join the guild, registering yourself and the first blog post.

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