The course doesn't have any official or mandatory literature, but here is a lovingly curated list of recommended reading! All of the books below focus on helping you expand your way of thinking, as opposed to just describing API:s which you might as well just look up online.

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Eloquent JavaScript by Marijn Haverbeke. This is an excellent primer if you haven't worked much with JavaScript before. Make sure to get the 2nd edition, the one from 2014. You can read most of the content for free on the book's homepage, which also contains interactive code examples.
Functional JavaScript by Michael Fogus. For those who want to take their JS-fu to the next level! The patterns here are especially well suited for playing with Redux, which we'll do quite a lot of in this course.
Async Javascript by Trevor Burnham is another recommendation for those who which to level up further in JavaScript. Goes very well with Functional JS mentioned above, as they both kind of describe different sides to the same coin.
Test-driven JavaScript Development by Christian Johansen. And old book (2010), but still by far the best one on the subject. Recommended for those who want to delve deeper into unit testing with JS (this is optional in this course), especially if you're also taking the Software Testing course parallel with the RIA course. Note that LNU students can read this book for free here.

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