Demo apps

Demo app #1

In order to quickly get up to speed with React, Redux and React Router, we have created a demo app for you to dissect; Superhero battler 2000!

Superhero battler 2000

You can run the game here, check out the code here and read a more in-depth blog post here.

We recommend that you download the code to your own machine so you can learn by changing stuff around and see what happens. Simply...

  1. go to the git repo
  2. download the zip
  3. unpack it locally
  4. navigate to the folder in the terminal and run npm install to download all needed packages
  5. run npm run build to create the bundle.js file which is actually run by the web app
  6. open index.html in a browser! You don't even need a server!

If you yourself change anything in the source code you have to do npm run build again to rebuild bundle.js before you reload the page, otherwise the same code will be run again.

Of note is that Andreas made a simpler version of the app, and Maria wrote up a good walkthrough of the code.

Demo app #2

In the second demo app we continue on the above infrastructure but add Firebase and Authentication. The app also demonstrates how we can keep all UI state in Redux, and not have a single piece of state in any component.

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You can try the app here, and the code is here.

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