Step 1 – hello world!

Now that the scene is set, we'll get started on preparing ourselves more specifically for this particular course. There's a lot of theory to go through, and if you're not familiar with these tools since before, please don't skip this! After this week you are expected to be at least somewhat familiar with the involved libraries.

  • Start reading up on React, Redux and React Router, preferrably through playing around with the Demo app
  • Read up on the Project page and have a think on what you want the project to become. What do you want to create?
  • Set up your own tiny React app saying hello world! At this point it doesn't have to use Redux or the Router, although it can if you want to.
  • Create a repo for the project on Github, and publish your hello-world-app to it. Remember to use the gh-pages branch!
  • Update your info on the guild with the project repo and description.
  • If you can elbow your way through the crowd, have another chat with David!
  • Write a blogpost about your first impression of React, Redux and the Router. As always, register the post on the guild.

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