Welcome to the HT15 course!

Well met javascript conquerors!

This course will start Monday 2/11 and participants will be students from different programs at LNU, some not fluent in the Swedish language hence the language of the course will be english. However, Swedish students will be able to use Swedish in direct contact with the course management and teachers.

This course do not have any in classroom lectures or campus activities, instead this web site act as the source of learning together with the teacher time used to guide you through the course. You will find everything regarding the course on this site. Please read the “Introduction” notes that will getting you started.

Persons to contact:

Johan Leitet, Course Manager. (johan.leitet@lnu.se, Kalmar office or @leitet at slack) – Contact me regarding stuff not related to the assignments and content of the course.

David Waller, Teacher. (david.waller@lnu.se or @david.waller at slack) – Contact me regarding assignments and course content.

Catrine Bramhag, Educational Administrator (catrine.bramhag@lnu.se or Kalmar office) – Contact me regarding  registrations on the course.

We all hope you will enjoy the course!