Weekly log

This is the weekly log with notes from the course round. It gives some insights into what happend each week during the course. This is not the actual plan, it is mere a log, made after the events have happend, so it might give you some details on what you could have done each week.

Week 1 (w45)

The course intro L00 is held.

Install the lab environment and play around with Node.

Rafael tutoring session if you have trouble with the lab environment.

A01, Exercises and L01-L04 was released.

Week 2 (w46)

Tuesday Zoom focus on to get going with Node as a development platform by reviewing some examples.

Study on your own the material in L01 and L02. There are reading guidelines and recorded lessons to view.

Work with Exercises and the A01.

Rafael tutoring session on Friday, aid with Exercises and Assignment.

Week 3 (w47)

Week 4 (w48)

Submit A01.

Week 5 (w49)

Week 6 (w50)

Week 7 (w51)

Submit A02.

Week 8 (w52)

No scheduled events. Work with the assignment.

Week 9 (w53)

No scheduled events. Work with the assignment.

Week 10 (w01)

No scheduled events. Work with the assignment.

Week 11 (w02)

Submit A03 and create a presentation video.

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