L00: Course introduction


This is the starting point for the course.

An introduction to the course, its setup and goals.

Tuesday Zoom

The course introduction is on Zoom where Mikael lined out the course agenda.

The recorded videos are found in this playlist on YouTube.


Review the short slide version of the course introduction.

In the following video does Johan and Mats walk you through the course setup and provides insights into the course and the course material in general.

Lab environment

Install Node and npm, latest stable version. You most likely did this already in the 1DV525 course. But, see to it that you have upgraded to the latest versions.

Ensure that you have Git working.

Check that you have access to the course on GitLab. We will use GitLab instead of GitHub, so some material will be moved to GitLab during the course.

Use a texteditor or IDE of your choice.

It would be great to have access to some kind of terminal, for Git, Node and npm - fix that.

As an extra utility you might want to get going with Docker. That is a useful tool for working with development that requires extra tools and specific versions of software. Docker allows that these development (and production) environments are executed in a virtual docker container that is built from a docker image.

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