This is a repo with example programs that show different aspects on how to work with Node.js. The examples are used as a base for the weekly Zoom sessions.

You can review the repo at GitLab 1DV523 Example.

You can clone the repo like this.

clone git@gitlab.lnu.se:1dv523/content/example.git

There is a package.json in the root of the repo. You can install the linters and run the testsuite to check if the source complies with the linters.

# Install the needed linters
npm install

# Run the testsuite with the linters
npm test

# Check what scripts are available
npm run

Review the repo README.md for details on the linters and their configuration.

You can use this structure to setup your own repo for development.

The example programs in src/

The example programs are in their own directory below src/. Each having their own README.md explaining how to get going with the example and what to learn.

The README might also contain reading references into the API used.

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