You can work with these exercises to train and practice the topics of the course. You will not submit the exercises for grading.

You can check out your Exercises-repo from GitLab. Exercises below are in separate repositories but you could have them as folders in your Exercises-repo.

The assignments are divided in to separate levels, A, B and C where C is the most difficult level. You should always strive to complete at least level A and B.

The solutions may be done with a different JavaScript Style-guide than the recommended ESlint @lnu/eslint-config that you are supposed to use.

Here is an introduction on how to work with the first exercise.

Note. Many of the links and the videos points to the 1dv023 organization on GitHub. This the same course as this 1DV523.

Rotten Tomatoes

Repo the-node-platform-exercise-rotten-tomatoes
Level A
Study week 1-2
Lectures L01
Keywords callback, promises, generators, filesystem
Readme https://github.com/CS-LNU-Learning-Objects/the-node-platform-exercise-rotten-tomatoes/blob/master/README.md
Solution proposal https://github.com/CS-LNU-Learning-Objects/the-node-platform-exercise-rotten-tomatoes-SOLUTION

Promising Web Scraper

Repo exercise-promising-web-scraper
Level B
Study week 1-2
Lectures L01, L02
Keywords callback, promises, web scrape
Readme https://github.com/1dv023/exercise-promising-web-scraper/blob/master/README.md
Solution proposal https://github.com/1dv023/exercise-promising-web-scraper-SOLUTION

Finding Waldo

Repo the-node-platform-finding-waldo
Level B
Study week 1-2
Lectures L01, L02
Keywords EventEmitter
Readme https://github.com/CS-LNU-Learning-Objects/the-node-platform-finding-waldo/
Solution proposal https://github.com/CS-LNU-Learning-Objects/the-node-platform-finding-waldo-SOLUTION

Follow the route

Repo follow-the-route
Level A
Study week 3
Lectures L04
Keywords Express.js, routes, templates
Readme https://github.com/1dv023/follow-the-route
Solution proposal https://github.com/1dv023/follow-the-route-SOLUTION

Pure approval

Repo Pure approval
Level B
Study week 4
Lectures L05
Keywords Express.js, mongoose
Readme https://github.com/1dv023/exercise-pure-approval
Solution proposal https://github.com/1dv023/exercise-pure-approval-SOLUTION

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