L04: Web Application Architecture


This is about Web Application Architecture with the arhitectural design pattern Model View Controller (MVC) and the node application Express.js with some view/templating engine.

Tuesday Zoom with examples

Mikael shows how to get going with Express.js.

The recorded videos are found in this playlist on YouTube.


Review this HTML presentation of Web Application Architecture (express + node).

View it as a lecture in swedish or english.

Swedish with Mats L (starts after 6 minutes) (Spring 2020):

English with Johan L and Mats L (Autumn 2019):

Demo example

Mats continues to show an example with express and Node.

You can review the code example at GitHub.

Here are a presentation about the code example, both in swedish and in english.

Swedish with Mats L (Spring 2020):

English with Mats L and Johan L (Fall 2019):

Read & Study

Read and study the following.

  • Check out the Express website och orient yourself on its resources. Do look up the API reference and see the features of the framework.

  • Read up on template engines and what the most common usage are for Express.

  • Read up on the templating system Handlebars, check it up and make your own choice of view and templating system.

  • Extra viewing the conference talk with Ted Neward, on "Modern web architecture" from Devoxx Poland 2015. A presentation of web architecture history and where we are today.

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