In the following text and demo videos we will go through how to work with our own private cloud. All student will get a own virtual server to use as a production server for your web application. The severs will be taken down after the examination.

Getting your SSH key and connect to your server

To log into your server you will need a SSH key and connect though SSH. Since the server you will connect to is a Ubuntu server there will be no graphical interface and all the configuration will be done through the terminal. If you running MacOS or Linux you should be able to use the terminal. If you are on Windows you should use the Git-bash program that should have support for SSH.

The first thing you do is to go to the Cloud info page on the course page. You must be logged into CoursePress (use your student account) to se your private link. Download your SSH key pair to your local computer and remember your IP-address. Unzip the keypair-files. You probably have two, one .ppk and one .pem. It is the latest we should use when connecting to the server.

Some Linux resources

If you feel the need of learning more about Linux (commands, tools, bash scripting and so on) there is a learning object available:

Installing Node.js on your server

In this video we will install Node.js and npm on a Ubuntu 18.04

Putting a reversed proxy in front of the application

In this video we will install and configure our reversed proxy, nginx

Using a process manager

In this video we will talk about and install the process manager PM2

Adding HTTPS to the server

In this video we will create and install self-signed certificates on our reversed proxy

Self-signed script

Getting our code up to the server

In this video we will show ways of putting your code onto the Ubuntu server

Here is the link to the article discussed in the video:

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