Course start ht20, period 2


The course start is approaching. It will happen on Tuesday November 3, 13:15 in Zoom. The link to the Zoom is available in the lesson plan.

This course will work in the same manner that 1DV525 just did. You will recognize the course structure and the general course setup and tools we use.

I will reuse the existing course structure from last year, but I will go through the course material and some changes/updates might happen. Do not start working with the assignments until I say so.

I have updated the information for “Course information” here on CoursePress. The other material (Lessons, Exercises, Assignments) is still to be reviewed.

There is a MyMoodle page for the course, just for your convenience. It contains links to the actual course material on CoursePress, some general news/updates (which are also released on Slack) and the deadlines for the assignments (which are also visible in the lesson plan).

Prepare for some Javascript on the server side and see you all on Tuesday.