Step 6

Step 6 is the final step in this course, and the new theory is limited to the subject of file operations which are included in the course book chapter 18: The C++ I/O System.


The introductory pages 417-435 concern general theory about streams and formatted input and output, such as with manipulators. This has already been extensively addressed and used during earlier steps of the course, so this part of the chapter is read to deepen your knowledge. The section File I/O (p. 435-449) about reading and writing to text files, binary files and random access of files is the primary reading instructions for this step. You shall also read the summary about Files located in Supplementary material. In the right menu you will find a collection of those common examples for file management, which are handled in Files.


After Step 6, you should be able to read and store different types of data in text files and binary files in a sequential manner. You should also understand how to get direct access to arbitrary items of data in a file.

Practical applications

This last step has 8 laboratory assignments, among which you make appropriate choices to achieve 6 points. Note that assignment number 4 is mandatory.

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