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Here you can give and get links to Internet sites that deals with programming and other things that might be interesting to the course. Note that no sorting or deeper content description is made. You have to judge by yourself the value of the material. There are lots of code to reuse from generous programmers, but please examine it critically! Remember – it rarely pays to copy mistakes made by others! Send tips, preferably with general description of the link content (or comments on the list) to, and I will add it to a hopefully growing list…

Länktips 1  Bjarne Stroustrups homepage

Bjarne Stroustrup – who created C++ – visit his homepage! For those already experienced in programming, the link to the E-book A Tour of C++ may be of particular interest.

Länktips 2 C++ reference

Covers most reference information you may need about C ++, updated for the newest C++ standards.

Länktips 3  Standard C++

News, Status & Discussion about what is relevant in C++ of today.

Länktips 4  Visual C++ resources

A review of both Visual Studio and C++ from MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network).

Länktips 5  Learn

A useful website with tutorials, starting from the beginning.

Länktips 6

Here you can find most things about C++, articles and tutorials as well as a reference library with information on useful C functions. By using the website’s search function, you can (amongst other things) find out in which header file a certain function (such as printf) is declared, or what differ between older and newer (C++ 11) standard.

Länktips 7  Tables and symbols

Here you will find, in addition to ASCII (with Extended ASCII codes), a variety of other lookup tables for codes and symbols (HTML, Unicode, etc.)

Länktips 8  Optimizing C and C++ Code

Some tips to optimize for speed. However, remember that structuring for readability, maintenance and re-usability is usually more important. But there is nothing that says that one always excludes the other.

Länktips 9 About “smart pointers”

A fairly advanced introduction to the concept of “smart pointers”. However, an interesting opportunity for safer/simpler(?) handling of pointers to dynamically allocated objects.

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