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The course is based on the following book, which is simple in its description, has a reasonable price and has been popular with students, even if it has shortcomings in some respects. Since it is designed as a textbook rather than a reference to the C++ language, it is less suited to use as a reference book. Therefore, the course’s “Link gallery” provides additional resources for this purpose.

Recommended literature

C++ from the Ground Up, Third Edition
Title: C++ from the Ground Up, 4th Edition
Author: Herbert Schildt
Publisher: McGraw-Hill/Osborne
ISBN-10: 0071634827
Edition: 4. This edition, which covers newer C++ standard, has since a few years been published as eBook and in PDF format on the Internet, but might possibly be difficult to find in physical format. If having problem to find the newest release, you can also use the 3’rd edition: C++ from the Ground Up, Third Edition (which may be read as pdf from this link), supplemented by reference materials and tutorials in the “Link Gallery” (see link in bottom section of the left menu).
Comment: Chapter 1 – 10 (and some parts of chap. 18) will be used as basis for this course. The remainder of the book will be addressed in a subsequent continuation course for C++

NOTE! The course assumes that you have a C++ textbook to read. Only supplementary material will be available, which in no way can replace a book. If you want to use an alternative course book, this will be okay, provided that it covers the curriculum elements. The course material refers to Schildt’s book, so if choosing another one, you must also be aware that current reading instructions will not sue.

Other course material

To get more tips for your information search – for instance about e-books or other resources available online – please use the help that our library at Linnaeus University can give you: University Library website. Here is also offered special service for students studying by a distance: Library information for distance students

All other course materials used in the course (tutorials, laboratory-instructions, exercises, etc.), are described in each course step.

Links to various useful programming sources on the Internet will be placed under Miscellaneous / Link Gallery. Tell us if you find other interesting resources! Are you missing anything or find errors, please contact the course email.

Links to some Internet bookstores

(Bokfynd and Pricerunner includes search engines, comparing prices from some of the biggest online shops.)

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