Summarizing info

The course is now formally ended and my final compilation of course result is in progress. For those of you who were approved in all course parts at the time of the final test (15/1), I hope to report course grades at the end of this week 3. Any required “complementing’s” on your latest lab reports will also be corrected this week, but if you have unreported labs (or step test left to do) the information in previous posts applies. I may exceptionally correct single rest-labs beyound deadline, but only if request about late submission was agreed with me before January 14.

While still active on this course web, I would like to ask for a last – but crucial – contribution! A week ago (10/1), an invitation to perform a course evaluation was sent to your LNU student e-mail address. I am very grateful for your feedback on the course, which will helps us improve it – therefore I would be very happy if you spent a little time to share your experience! :)

Finally … I will be back to each one of you with personal grading information via email, and to anyone who I don’t get in touch with in other way, I would like to wish a good outcome of all continued work or studies!