Last C++ week and final test!

Soon you will have crossed the finish line in this course! If still having residual tasks left behind, you may report them during ongoing “pick-up-week” – before the absolute course deadline on January 14. Since it wasn’t desirable to put step test during the Christmas break, the test schedule has been pushed a bit further forward than regular course period. Therefore, the course’s major overview test is set on the last course date and can as usual be performed even the Monday thereafter.

The final test on January 14-15 is an overview test and therefore more comprehensive than previous tests – this test will cover topics from entire course. The number of questions will be 48 and the test time is hence prolonged to 120 minutes! The final test is performed according to same procedure as other tests, with one exception – the result cannot be improved by later re-testing. If failing (< 50%) you may re-do the test, but you cannot affect an already approved result by re-taking it. Therefore, it’s very important to be well prepared for the test!

If any test still failed after course deadline, a last chance to re-test for this course will be offered on January 21-22. Please note that this opportunity doesn’t apply to already approved tests! Next possibility to examine theory is to re-register for the course next year. Larger amount of residual labs will also be referred to the next course.

Wednesday, January 10, a personal invitation to conduct a course evaluation will be sent to you via your student e-mail. With the help of your answer, we may get to know if our web-based course has fulfilled your expectations and how its quality can be improved. I thank you in advance for your feedback, which will be very valuable to us!

I also wish you all good luck in the final sprint! :)