About feedback on step 4!

For several reasons, but mainly because of this year’s large student group, I will in residual course not be able to write as extensive feedback as in previous steps. I’m convinced that you have now come so far in your C++ studies, that you are able to troubleshoot and identify reasons for any lab “rejections” on your own, without my detailed guidance. :)  Therefore, my lab answers will be just summarized, and if you want guidance, I refer you to use the already available support forums offered in the course: The Slack channel or the E-meeting room for “Online tutoring”.

I will do my best to check as many lab reports as possible the next few days, but since I’m on vacation over the Christmas and New Year holidays, it’s possible that I will not manage to answer everyone. In these cases, feedback for step 4 is provided in connection with step 5. For the same reason, it’s okay for you, who haven’t yet reported step 4, to send your labs later . It’s not good to rush with the programming work, but better solve the tasks well and get good outcome from the course. What you can’t finish before the holidays, you will hopefully catch up after “Santa’s” weekend.

Since no tutoring is available during the holidays, I ask you all to, as far as possible, help and support each other on Slack! And finally I also wish you all a most pleasant and relaxing upcoming Christmas season!
Merry ChristmasGod jul!