Course Registration

As there are many students from many different programs as well as international students there are often problems registering for the course. It is, however, important to get registered for the course asap as the peer review system is dependent on a valid list of (registered) students.

The normal way for all students is to register for the course yourself using the normal course application web page.

However, if you can not go through any of these channels but still want to attend the course, please fill in the form below. I will check this form regularly and if you are eligible for the course I will make sure you are registered.

Course Prerequisites

The course has some requirements, officially:

1. 30hp in computer science, computer technology, informatics, etc.
2. 7.5hp in some object-oriented programming language (1dv506 or 1dv402)

However, as there are many different programs and international students reading the course there is some slack regarding exact courses (for example it is ok to combine 1dv506 and 1dv507 to reach the 7,5hp requirement, and also the course 1MA441 (math for computer science) is usually counted in the 30hp requirement).

Please make sure that you somehow think you fulfill the requirement and check your credits in ladok. If there is anything missing contact the responsible teacher for the respective course.

Old Students

If you have previously attended the course but have some missing part you do not need to re-register for it. However, you do need to get access to peer-review, online exam, and final assignment submission forms on mymoodle. Please fill in the form below.

Registration issues Form

The form will close September 4

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