Course Iteration 2021

Hi, you have just found your way to the “old” course homepage for 1dv607 Object Oriented Analysis and Design using UML.

This year there will be quite a few changes to the course as we now have a common ground in the Java OOP course. Hopefully, we will be able to go a bit deeper into the materials.

The basic content on the pages will probably be very much the same but the details will change. I also hope we will move to GitLab-hosted pages that will make life easier for us all.

I guess we are slowly moving into post-covid-pandemic mode but as I suspect there are a number of international students that will not be able to attend on-campus. Therefore there will be 4 ways to attend the course for this year:

1. Campus Kalmar attended by the computer engineers and web-programmers in Kalmar (this will largely be managed by me and I will be available most days)
2. Campus Växjö attended by all Växjö based programs (this will largely be managed by Nadeem Abbas, I hope to be in Växjö once a week)
3. Online Swedish attended by the online web-programmers distance students (this will largely be managed by me, via a swedish slack/Discord channel)
4. Online English attended by international students not able to attend on-campus (this will largely be managed by me, via an English slack/Discord channel).

You are basically free to attend the course and/or switch modes as you see fit, you should be able to complete the course by just using the course literature and the materials on the course homepage.

However, my goal for this year is to have a more interactive course than ever. Basically, I will not do any traditional lecturing but rather we will discuss the materials presented. I will try to answer questions etc. For the campus Kalmar and online students, I hope that this will become more of an informal thing. I.e you have some questions and you approach me, then we have an online meeting and discuss in a smaller group etc. These are not scheduled and I hope they will happen organically.

As I will be traveling to Växjö once a week we have some scheduled sessions there, but they are not meant for lecturing, rather you drive the content and we discuss.

The course relies heavily on basic oop-programming skills. If you have not practiced any programming during summer a hint is to pick up the skills again. We will not do anything really “advanced” from a Java perspective, but you should not have any problems with the basics.

Feel free to join the course slack channel:

Hope to see you soon,