Object Oriented Analysis and Design at Linnaeus University

This course covers object orientation focusing on object oriented analysis/domain modeling and object oriented design using practical examples in object oriented programming.

The course topics highlights the parts of the software development process that increase understanding of a problem domain and communication of more or less detailed UML (Unified Modeling Language) blue prints of a system. After the course is finished you will know how to produce a domain model to increase and communicate the information need of a problem domain, how to model whole or parts of a software system from different points of view. You will know how an object oriented design model can be translated in to an object oriented implementation (code) and vice verse (reverse engineering). You will have basic understanding of design patterns and refactoring as a method to achieve a good design.

The prerequisites of the course are that you must have passed at least 30hp in any of the subjects: computer science, informatics, computer engineering or similar. You must also have knowledge in object oriented programming equaling 7.5hp.

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Welcome Page

I have now made two recordings introducing the course and the course homepage. You find them and the links to the zoom classrooms for the introductory lectures on the Welcome 2020 Page

Registration Issues

If you are an old student that wish to attend the course or if you are a program student at lnu that have some issue registering for the course. Please fill out this form before 4 September: https://forms.gle/5VWExQq8XALGQsRK6

Course Start 2020

Hi, and welcome to the 2020 iteration of 1dv607!

I’m currently working on updating the information on the course, basically dates and deadlines. The course content is the same as last year so you can start reading and working on assignments right now if you want to.

Due to the situation with COVID19 this year’s iteration will most likely be FULLY distance-based. There are some sessions booked in the schedule but they will most likely not be used as physical meetings. The course has been offered as a fully distance-based course before and all the materials are already available so this should technically not be a problem. However, for campus students, it will most likely require a bit of a different mind-set. More information regarding this will come.

The main form of communication with me and teaching assistants is the course slack channel. If you have not yet registered for slack then do that using your student email and you should be able to join the channel (see link in menu).

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