Object Oriented Analysis and Design at Linnaeus University

This course covers object orientation focusing on object oriented analysis/domain modeling and object oriented design using practical examples in object oriented programming.

The course topics highlights the parts of the software development process that increase understanding of a problem domain and communication of more or less detailed UML (Unified Modeling Language) blue prints of a system. After the course is finished you will know how to produce a domain model to increase and communicate the information need of a problem domain, how to model whole or parts of a software system from different points of view. You will know how an object oriented design model can be translated in to an object oriented implementation (code) and vice verse (reverse engineering). You will have basic understanding of design patterns and refactoring as a method to achieve a good design.

The prerequisites of the course are that you must have passed at least 30hp in any of the subjects: computer science, informatics, computer engineering or similar. You must also have knowledge in object oriented programming equaling 7.5hp.

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I have now checked the submissions of WS2.1 and Yahtzee game. You should have grades in ladok (if not contact me asap).

If you received a 1 on any workshop you have one chance to submit fixes. The deadline will be 13/2 for both WS2.1 and the Yahtzee game. For you who have previously submitted the Yahtzee game this is the last chance to pass this assignment.

For you who submit the Yahtzee game for the first time, you will get one chance to submit fixes.

Check myMoodle for exact deadlines.

Workshop 3 Fixes

Fixes for workshop 3 are now examined and you should see your final grade in mymoodle (I will add to ladok asap). If you got grade 2 you have the passing grade and need not do anything. If you got 0 you failed the workshop and need to do a reexamination. The reexamination is the Yahtzee game adapted to show patterns like: factory, strategy and observer (you may skip requirements for saving loading etc.). If you also need to reexamine workshop 2 you may combine this into a full Yahtzee game. This will be a new examination. Deadline is 13/2 2020

New Chance to Pass the Online test

The online test will reopen 2020-01-17 09:00 – 2020-01-17 21:00 for a new chance to pass it.

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