Welcome letter

Welcome to the course Applied Machine Learning, 3 credits, given by Linnéuniversitetet. Here you can find all necessary information to get started with the course. Don’t hesitate to contact the staff (preferably on Slack) if you have any questions!

Course staff

We who work on the course are:

  • Zenun Kastrati, course manager. Contact Zenun if you have any questions regarding course management, enrollment, registrations, reporting of grades, etc.
  • Johan Hagelbäck, main lecturer. Contact Johan if you have any questions regarding course contents, lectures, assignments or project, or machine learning in general.

About the course

The course is mostly a self study course. There are 8 pre-recorded lectures (including the course introduction) you can watch at your own pace, and 2 assignments and a project you have to submit. There are deadlines for when the assignments and project shall be finished, but if you for some reasons miss any deadline there will be a resubmission opportunity. All deadlines and instructions for submissions can be found here.

The course is an advanced course in computer science, so it is assumed that you have some programming skills. If not, you can still pass the course but it will require substantially more work.

Depending on your programming skills, it can be difficult to solve and understand the practical tasks on your own. If you need help, you can always Contact Johan on Slack to schedule an online meeting or post questions in the Slack channel. Make sure you take advantage of the opportunity for supervision as the assignments and project can be quite challenging.


If you have limited programming experience, I recommend reading the book The Coder’s Apprentice available for free here. If you have programming experience but haven’t used Python before, I recommend reading the book A Whirlwind Tour of Python available for free here.


The primary communication channel in the course is Slack. Create an account at coursepress.slack.com and join the channel #4DV117. Note that you must sign up with your lnu.se student email address. You need to get Slack working before the oral examinations.

New students

If you study at another university and have never studied at Linnéuniversitetet before, you need to go through a few steps:

  • Obtain a student account (go to lnu.se/utbildning/innan-du-borjar) in order to be able to log in to lnu.se/student which will give you access to information, see your credits, get access to internet and much more.
  • Registration/confirmation that you will actually take the course that you have been accepted to.

Where do I start?

Start by looking at the introduction and first lectures, and then start working on the first assignment. Time passes quickly until the first deadline!

Also, don’t forget to register for the course before registration closes! If you don’t register you cannot submit assignments at the course room in MyMoodle.

You shall also start thinking about what you want to do in your project (read about it here).

After the course

When you have completed the course you will find your credits via your student account, here you can print out proof of taking the course if you need to provide your employer with this information. If you want a nicer course certificate you can apply for a certificate via kursbevis@lnu.se, the certificates will be signed by the degree evaluation officer at the Office of Student Affairs.

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