Deadlines and Submissions HT20

The course is held completely online due to Covid-19. The assignments and project have mandatory oral examinations, which are also held online on Slack (see dates below). You don’t need to be available the whole day on the examination dates. You sign up for a 20 mins slots that suits your schedule.


Assigment Deadline Oral examinations
A1 November 9 November 10-11
A2 November 23 November 24-25
Project December 16 December 17-18
Resubmissions January 20 January 21

If you for some reasons miss any deadline, there is a resubmission opportunity on January 20.


When you are ready with an assignment or the project, you submit it at MyMoodle. In the submission you upload a zipped file with your source code (assignments) or source code + technical report (project). Don’t attach the dataset files since the zipped file might then be too large to upload (MyMoodle has a limit of 100 MB for file uploads).

Oral examination

The assignments and the project have an oral examination part. You sign up for an examination slot (20 minutes) at MyMoodle. Make sure you add your Slack username so the examiner can find you. Note that you don’t have to be available the whole day on the examination dates, you sign up for a slot that suits your schedule.

When it is your time to be examined, make sure you are online on the Slack application (web version of Slack does not support screen sharing), that your microphone is working and that you can share your screen to show and explain your code.

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