To be able to take this course you need some prerequisites. In short (details below) you should know how to do:

  • web development using HTML/CSS (corresponding to 1me321)
  • object oriented programming in javascript (corresponding to 1dv021)
  • basic version control using git and github


HTML and CSS is one of the foundations that the web is built upon. In this course basic skills in html and css are required. Further more are you required to have basic knowlege on how communication over http is handled.

What you should know:

  • HTML (html5-documents and basic elements, node-tree, ...)
  • CSS (selectors, media queries, separation from html, ...)
  • Protocol and principles for communication between client and server (http/https get/post)
  • address structure on the web (URL, relative and absolute paths)


To be able to complete the course you need basic programming skills, preferably in javascript (corresponding to 1dv021). If you have programmed in another object oriented language than javascript please, take an hour or two to go through chapter 1-10 in http://eloquentjavascript.net/ to get you up to speed.

What you should be familial with in javascript:

  • Values, types and operators
  • Expressions, statements, variables, keywords, comments
  • Sequences, selections, iterations and recursions
  • Functions
  • Data structures: objects and arrays
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Error handling with exceptions
  • Modules and namespaces
  • Regular expressions

Pay extra attention to "javascript-specific" details such as:

  • Prototype based object oriented languages
  • First class functions
  • Closures


Git and github is mandatory for this course. All of the code you write should at all times be version controlled using git. Code that will be used for examination is mandantory to push to private github repros provided and we recommend doing so with other code as well. During the course you will have four repositories to your disposal. Three for exams and one for your own experiments. Those repros are provided through the 1dv022 organization on github and will be created after you are registred on the course and your "Profile information" is filled in.

What you should know:

  • Creating a new repository using git and placing it on github
  • Cloning an existing repository from github
  • Forking an existing repository from github
  • Working with the .gitignore-file
  • Using git from a bash-terminal
  • Adding files and commiting your changes
  • Pushing your commits to github

How your system should be configured:

  • Git should be installed on your system.

Basic bash-commands

During the course you will getting quite familiar with navigating file structures and installing tools using bash-commands in a terminal. Even though you will be guided through all steps in the process it is good to know the basic commands in bash like:

  • ls, cd, mkdir, rm
  • sudo

You will find a good starting guide here:

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