L11 – JavaScript frameworks


In the lecture L11 "JavaScript Frameworks" we attend the role of a imaginary company and their "Technical Architect" in the pursue of choosing the right technologies for our future web projects.

The lesson is a walkthrough of the results from a couple of surveys of the JavaScript eco system and the various framworsk out there.

The lesson ends in a "recommendation" och what frameworks might be a way to move on with.


The session for L11 and L12 was combined in a 2 hour lecture held on Zoom. An example repo was used with code samples and a slide presentation was held. There were 2 recordings of 58 + 25 minutes.

In L11 Mikael presents an overview of the JavaScript framework and eco system.

In L12 Mikael shows an example on how to work with the Mithril JavaScript frontend SPA framework.

The videos L11 and L12 are found in this playlist on YouTube.

The slides L11-12-Frameworks.html is available in its repo.

The slides can be viewed online.

External resources

Survey from StackOverflow.

Survey, State of JavaScript 2019.

Resources from previous course rounds

From the lecture called "APIs and the future", dealing with Web Workers, HTML5 Canvas, Web VR API (Gamepad API). Physical Web (BT-api), Web components, WebRTC, WebGL, Web Assembly.

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