L06 – Browser, DOM and Events


Lecture L06 "Browser, DOM and Events" programming with JavaScript for enhanced code structure and coding with JavaScript in the browser environment.


  • JavaScript code structure
    • The module pattern
    • The prototype object model
  • The browser environment
    • DOM
    • Events


The session for L05 and L06 was combined in a 2 hour lecture held on Zoom. An example repo was used with code samples and a slide presentation was held. There were 2 recordings of 48 + 50 minutes.

In L05 Mikael presents the A02, shows how linters, minifiers and scripts in package.json can be used to enhance the development environment for JavaScript projects.

In L06 Mikael talks about JavaScript module pattern and the prototype object model and show some example codes. We also discuss items as scope, variable declarations using let and const and closures. We wrap up with DOM and events and review some more example programs that shows how it can work.

The last item was to show the example code for the Hangman that could be used as part of the solution for A02.

The videos L05 and L06 are found in this playlist on YouTube.

The slides L05-06-JavaScript.html is available in its repo.

The slides can be viewed online.

The example repo can be cloned from its origin.

The examples from the lectures can be viewed online.

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