A01 – Build a website

You will build a website, or at least some essential parts of it. This will show that you can manage HTML, CSS, JavaScript and manage to use the techniques together when building a website.


This assignment is graded as Fail (U) or Pass (G) and it is worth 1 credit/hp.


You have completed A00 – Create a report page.

You have basic knowledge in HTML and CSS.

You have basic knowledge in JavaScript.

You have access to the course environment on GitLab.


You will work in your report site and extend it. Som you might want to review your code in it, before you start. Perhaps you want to do some improvements, before you continue with this assignment?

You have a git repo on Github named "xx222yy-report-page" where xx222yy is your lnu-username. You shall use this repo when performing this assignment.


These are the requirements to fullfill the assignment.

To be added.

Requirements (extra)

There are no extra requirements.


This is how to submit this assignment.

  1. Update your report-page through the page web/report.html and answer the following questions. Write freely with 15 to 30 sentences of text.

    1. What is your TIL for this course part?
  2. Add a tag v1.0.0 to your repo. If you make updates then add another tag like v1.0.1 or v1.1.0 and so on.

  3. Ensure you have committed and pushed all your changes and tags to your GitLab repo "xx222yy-report-page".

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