Part 0 – Introduction and prepare

This is to get going with the course and the course material.

You will install the lab environment and try it out by creating your own website where you will write assignment reports throughout the course.

The time to fullfill this course part is estimated to 20h.

Lab environment

You need to install the lab environment for the course.

  1. Lab environment.


There are lectures that introduce course topics.

  1. L00 - Course introduction

Read & Study

You should read and study the following resources.

  1. Review the suggested course literature and make a descision on how to use it. The recommendation is to read through the book "JavaScript for impatient programmers" throughout the course. Start by brifly reviwing the following chapters, to get aquainted with the book.

    • Ch 3 History and evolution of JavaScript
    • Ch 4 FAQ: JavaScript
    • Ch 5 The big picture
  2. You should familiarize yourself, with the following resources for Git and GitLab. Review them briefly to know where to find them when you need them.

    • Git: Documention for Git. If this is new for you, then you could check out the videos "Git Basics: What is Version Control" and "Git Basics: What is Git?".

    • GitLab: Documentation for GitLab. Review it brifly and quickly, it is the documentation for the whole service. There is also a New to Git and GitLab? which might be a good place to start.

    • Markdown: Markdown is used all throughout the web for writing text that is displayed on websites, chat, forum, documentation and frequently used in git repos. Read briefly through the document Markdown: Syntax.

    • GitLab has its own extension to Markdown, explained in "GitLab Markdown".


Do the exercises to train and practice for the asignments.

  1. If you are new to Git, you might want to work through the document "Work with Git" to gain some basic knowledge on how to work with Git and Git repos. You could work through this document when you carry out the assignment.


You must do the assignments and submit them. Details on the assignment, grading and how to submit, is described in its instruction.

  1. A00 – Create a report page

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