Lab environment

This is the essential lab environment you need to start working with the course. It is an "exercise" you must perform to be able to start working with the course.

Computer and operating system

You need a computer with an operating system like Windows, MacOS or Linux. Use the latest version to avoid troubles.

The terminal

Get aquainted with your terminal and learn how to use it and navigate through it.

  • Windows - cmd, powershell, git bash, cygwin
  • MacOS - terminal
  • Linux - any terminal application


Install Git and learn how to use it through the terminal.


You will get access to the course GitLab environment. This will be used to distribute exercises, assignments, codesamples and you will use it to submit your assignments.

Node and npm

You need to install node which provides an enviroment to run JavaScript from your terminal. This will include the package manager npm. These will be used as development tools.

Web browser

Get a web browser, or three. It is useful to test out your website in different browsers since there are differences among them. Take the browser thats available on your computer and complement with Google Chrome and Firefox. Try to make your code work in all browsers.


Install a texteditor or IDE of your choice. Atom and Visual Studio Code and both good choices as a plain texteditor with plugin capabilities. Ensure you are using the following setup through out the course:

  • File format UTF-8 NOBOM
  • Unix style line endings LF \n
  • Soft tabs, length 2

It is recommended to install a source code linter into your texteditor. It will provide you with instant feedback and recommendations on how to structure your code to match the coding standard.

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