A00 – Create a report page

This is how to get going with the course, to verify that you have all essentials in place and to see that you can use them. Later assignments will build upon this assignment.

The objective is to learn how to use Git and GitLab and you will create a small website where you will write reports from your assignemnts.


This assignment is not graded, but you still need to perform it since you will use it all throughout the course.


You have checked out the general information on the course.

You have seen the course introduction.

You have installed the lab environment.

You have access to the course environment on GitLab.


If you are new to Git, you might want to work through the document "Work with Git" to gain some basic knowledge on how to work with Git and Git repos.


These are the requirements to fullfill the assignment.

  1. You have a git repo on Github named "xx222yy-report-page" where xx222yy is your lnu-username. You shall use this repo for the writing reports on the assignments in the course. Start of by cloning the repo to your computer:
git clone https://gitlab.lnu.se/1dv525/student/xx222yy-report-page.git
  1. You are now ready to start creating your own report website for the course. The repo has a README.md that contains the details on what to do.

Requirements (extra)

Do these if you have the will, time and energy. They may enhance your learning of the course topics.

  1. Do you have a live webserver out there? Set up this new website and make it live on it.


This is how to submit this assignment.

  1. Update your report-page through the page web/report.html and answer the following questions. Write freely with 15 to 30 sentences of text.

    1. Describe your computer development environment, what OS, what terminal you are using, how you are using Git (through terminal or GUI), what texteditor/IDE you work in and if you have any plugins you like.

    2. Did you before know about the techniques Git, GitHub/GitLab and/or Markdown?

    3. Have you ever created websites before?

    4. Briefly explain your experience and knowledge of web application development.

    5. What is your TIL for this course part?
  2. Ensure you have committed and pushed all your changes to your GitLab repo "xx222yy-report-page".

What is a TIL? TIL is an acronym for "Today I Learned" which playfully indicates that there are always new things to learn, every day. You usually pick up things you have learned and where you might have hiked to a little extra about its usefulness or simplicity, or it was just a new lesson for the day that you want to note.

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