Details about how the course is structured, its learning environment, tutoring activities and how to get help from your teacher.

Course structure

The execution of the course is divided into parts where each part have lectures/lessons (L) which introduce course topics, exercises (E) where the student can train and practice on the topics and assignments (A) where the student perform tasks and submit the work for grading to show they learnt the topics.

Learning environment

The course material will be distributed through CoursePress, which is known as the website for the course.

Exercises and assignments will be provided from GitLab. Assignments should be submitted to GitLab.


NOTE that planning and tutoring of this course round is subject to Corona recommendations from the university and some parts of the course might be held online.

Teachers will have lectures and lessons on site at campus Växjö.

Teacher assistants will be present on tutoring lectures at campus Växjö.

Video material will be used to present some course topics.


First and foremost we recommend to ask (and answer!) questions in our slack-channel #1dv525-webprogramming. If your question is purly about HTML or CSS you can use the channel #topic-html_css or if you have a generell javascript question you can use #topic-javascript.

Send private messages to the course management only if your question is of private nature.

We will also use slack to make video/screensharing calls. To use this please install the Slack client available for Mac OS, Windows and Linux.


We prefer Slack as the first option to get in touch with the teacher. We may also answer questions over mail regarding course management issues or questions of private nature.

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