Reregistration and resubmissions

Information for those who have reregistered and need to resubmit assignments from earlier course rounds.

Join the new course round or complete the old one?

You have to select one of two ways, either join the new course round and follow its setup or resubmit your old assignments according to their original requirements.

Here are the old specifications for A01, A02 and A03.

Deadline for resubmissions of old course rounds

The one deadline for resubmitting A01, A02, A03 is 08:00 October 19, 2020.

Send en email to the teacher containing details for the submission.

You may include a video where you do a presentation of each assignment. That will aid in grading. Present your solution and show some parts of your code. The video should be 5-7 minutes and include a cam with your face. Start the video by clearly stating your name and show your identification so the teacher can review it.

There may be announced other ways to be examined, either oral through Slack or physical on campus.

Resubmissions of resubmission of old course rounds

There are two reexamination where you can submit.

  • Try 2: 2020-11-27
  • Try 3: 2021-01-15

Teacher recommendation

These are the recommendations on how to choose your way of resubmission or taking the new course.

If you only passed the old A01 -> Do the new course setup.

If you passed A01 and A02 -> Do the old A03.

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