Details about grading and examination.

The examination is done by grading the assignments in the course.

Assignment 0 (A00) is not graded, it is part of the preparations for the course and it will be a required minor part to pass the other assignments.

Assignment 1 (A01) (1.0 credit) is graded Fail (U) or Pass (G).

Assignment 2 (A02) (3.0 credit) is graded Fail (U) or Pass (G).

Assignment 3 (A03) (3.5 credit) is graded A-F.

The course grade on the course is graded as A-E, Fx or F.

  • "To earn at least a grade of E, you must Pass A01, A02 and get a grade of E on A03."

The assignment A03 will in majority decide the final course grade.

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