The course start HT20 approaches

This was sent out as en email to all that currently have registered and re-registered to the course.

Hi and welcome to the course 1DV525!

The course site and course material is at CoursPress:

Review the information under “Course information” to get a quick overview of the course setup.

Allow for some late updates, I’m walking through the course material as we go. We are also using GitLab this year (a new setup for the teacher team) instead of GitHub so prepare for some minor bumps early in the course. We’ll solve it as we go along.

Check the schedule, there is a course intro/startup on Tuesday with Mikael. Note that it is doubled and in half class.

  • 13-15 Half the class. Students with surnamne starting with A-L
  • 15-17 Half the class. Students with surnamne starting with M-Ö
I’ll record it so you can safely stay home and view it later, if you so choose (Corona setup).
It will be possible to take the course all through online activitites.
The slack channel is a good place to get answers and get the latest updates (link at coursepress site). Feel free to help your fellow students and answer their questions.

You should have all you need in GitLab, to get going with the first assignment, A00. The other assignments are not yet released.

Thats all for now. See you Tuesday or keep being updated though the Slack channel.

Best regards,

//Mikael && Henrik

PS. I’ll deal with you who have re-registered on a case-by-case basis. Let me know what assignments you have left and I will wrap up an excel sheet to sum it up, before I decide on how to make that happen (grade older assignments or re-do the new ones).