Lab Cloud

Getting started with OpenStack

This part is combining some newly recorded material for managing your cloud accounts on our OpenStack cloud. Before you start using our lab cloud, make sure you watch trough these videos. The interface can be a bit different since we have updated the Open Stack version since the demo was recorded.

Getting started - Create your network

In this video we talk about our cloud environment, CS Cloud, that is built on OpenStack. You learn what it is and how you could log into it and start using it. The video also shows how to start to set up a new network for your OpenStack project.

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Create an instance

In this video you will learn how to create an instance or machine in your network

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Connect to an instance through SSH

When we now have created our machine we want to connect to and log in on it. This is done by using SSH and a pre-produced SSH-key.

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Using the OpenStackClient (OSC) - with docker

In this video we go through how to run a docker container that includes the OSC.

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OBS! For more demos about cli-commands you can whats the older recording below (see OpenStack CLI).

Older videos

Here are some older videos that could still be of importance. The are recorded in an older version of OpenStack but most of the instructions are still relevant. Some of the contents is the same as the new videos above.

Web Interface

OpenStack CLI

Manage your servers

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