1DV031 — Final retake opportunity in August 2021

Dear students,

As previously announced, the final opportunity to complete 1DV031 is the retake in August 2021. The overall conditions are similar to the previous announcements (see the news entries from 2020 below). Please take the following key information into account:

  • You must register via Ladok for the respective activity session (retake opportunity) by August 16, 2021
  • The deadline for handing in your solutions is August 26, 2021, 23:59 Stockholm time
  • For Assignment 2, an oral examination session (online via Zoom) with Kostiantyn will be scheduled eventually after the deadline to discuss your solution and the theoretical and practical aspects of the second part of the course
  • Regarding the notes about CS Cloud (see below), in case you need to complete Assignment 2 — please contact Kostiantyn Kucher <kostiantyn.kucher@lnu.se> (or via CoursePress Slack) in good time before the deadline.

Please note that CS Cloud will not be available during some parts of the summer, and the existing VMs will be deleted around June 21, 2021 for maintenance reasons:

“cscloud will be shut down for maintenance and upgrades on June 21st. We expect this to take about two weeks, but it might take longer if we run into unforeseen issues. So, to be on the safe side, do not plan for cscloud to be available over the summer.”

“We ask you to shut down your machines before June 21st and make sure that you back up any data on your machines. Please note that all your machines will be removed, so you will have to set up everything again after the upgrade.”

Good luck and have a nice summer!