1DV031 — Oral examination (retake) in August 2020

Dear students,

This announcement concerns those of you who have registered on Ladok for the August 2020 re-take; more specifically, Assignment 2 from the current version of the course or Assignment 3 from the older version of the course. In order to complete this practical assignment, you must submit your solution via Github and also pass an oral examination session.

  • The oral examination will be performed as an individual Zoom meeting, which will take around 30 minutes for each student. The details for the Zoom meeting will be shared via Slack (the same Zoom meeting as used for the latest peer instruction sessions with Kostiantyn during spring semester 2020).
  • Please sign up for a time slot using the following form: https://forms.gle/BQS5ZmE13nSqARyg6  ⇒ deadline for signing up: Tuesday, August 25, 15:00
  • If all of the time slots for Wednesday in week 35 are booked, please contact Kostiantyn Kucher, and further slots will be decided on.
  • Remember that the deadline for submitting any solutions is Tuesday, August 25. Please make a new release in your Github repository to indicate your submission. If you are submitting several assignments at the same time, please create several releases (one per assignment) and add appropriate release titles and descriptions. If you previously got a fail grade (“U”) for your assignment(s), please add a short note about how you addressed the feedback and improved your solution.
  • Finally, if you have already passed the oral examination successfully, you do not have to do it again.

Good luck!