1DV031 — Retake in August 2020

Dear students,

This announcement concerns those of you who have not completed (or failed) some parts of the course 1DV031. As it was announced previously at https://mymoodle.lnu.se/course/view.php?id=36989 , the course is going to be terminated, so several retake opportunities will be provided (August 2020, April 2021, August 2021).

  • In order to be eligible to submit your retake assignments, you *must* officially sign up for the retake activity via Ladok (similarly to the formal registration process for exams in other courses, see https://lnu.se/student/under-studierna/tentamen/ )
  • Deadline for the Ladok registration: August 12. We will not be able to accept your retake submissions if you do not register on time. When registering for the retake, please use the options corresponding to the course that you have taken. For example, the courses given until (and including) 2018 include Assignment 1 (1.5 hp), Assignment 2 (1.5 hp),  and Assignment 3 (4.5 hp). The courses given in 2019 and 2020 include Assignment 1 (2.5 hp) and Assignment 2 (5 hp) on Ladok.
  • If you are signing up for the retake concerning the 2019 or 2020 course (i.e., Assignment 1 (2.5 hp) and/or Assignment 2 (5 hp)), you can follow the current assignment instructions (used for the 2020 course) available in this course page.
  • If you are signing up for the retake concerning the older courses (that involved the older set of three assignments), please contact Kostiantyn Kucher <kostiantyn.kucher@lnu.se> (or via CoursePress Slack) for further instructions, as the instructions might change in this case.
  • Deadline for the actual retake submission: August 25
  • The oral examination associated with the final assignments will take place in week 35 after the deadline. Kostiantyn will post further instructions related to the oral examination in August.
  • If you require access to the course Github or CS Cloud, please contact Kostiantyn in good time before the deadlines. If you have other questions related to the retake, please contact Kostiantyn as well.

Have a nice summer and good luck with your retake submissions!