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Presentation times for your last assignments.

Some of you have to show me your last assignments before passing the course. That can be done in two ways.

  1. You mail me the code and include a description into your mail of how you have implemented the task. After checking your work I will get back to you with comments and if I have any questions you will have to answer them before passing the task.
  2. We decide a time during Thursday or Friday where we connect with Skype and you can show me your assignment and we take the questions over Skype. Send me an email and request a time interval that fits your schedule and I will get back to you with an exact time.

Task 6

Description for the 6th task is available. It’s a voluntary task for higher grading and a way of checking your understanding of storage of vertex data and rendering it with OpenGL.
Even a not fully working version of your implementation can be shown and discussed theoretically.

Schedule for last three weeks.

The next week I will be travelling a bit so I can only respond to email questions and will not have the possibility of testing your code. So if you need help and asks question be sure to identify the code lines you have problems with and describe the problem carefully.

Next time I will come to Växjö is on 30th of October. I will start with a lecture where we will look at the assignments and I will point out some of the important bits and we will also look at some enhancements. The rest of the day will be used for help with the tasks and examination.

Deadline for the course and assignments is 10th of November. If you are not done with the tasks by then you can still present them to me but I will only check them when I have time over from the other courses next period. Be prepared that it might take a week or two.

Task 6
There will be a task 6 that I will put up end of next week. It will not be mandatory. Only the first 5 tasks will be. The last one will be an extra task for students wanting a higher grade on the course.

Keep programming and let me know if you have any further questions.

Task 5

Instructions for task 5 are published.

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