Web Development with PHP, 7.5 Hp aims to give you another programming language for web-backend. The course assumes that you have good object oriented programming skills in another language.

The first part of the course focus on how to write object oriented applications in PHP. But programming is just one part of development, this course aims to give you a broader base to enable larger development projects. To achieve that goal we will dive into software architecture and code quality. These knowledges are not unique for PHP but will serve you in other languages as well.

  • How can I improve readability and understandability and reduce complexity?
  • What is good code?
  • What is a suitable architecture for web-apps?
  • How can we use constraints to improve the implementaion of that architecture?

The course is a mixed online and two campuses course.

  • Campus Kalmar (Lectures, Laborations and Seminars are given in Kalmar)
  • Campus Växjö (Some examinations, seminars and course introduction on Växjö campus, other lectures are provided online)
  • Online ( All lectures, laborations, seminars and examinations is online)

The course is given in the form of lectures, seminars, and programming assignments.

The material is mainly online material and works with open resources.

De senaste inläggen

Projects have been examined

You should have received your grading by email today. (I copy pasted some so replace “A2″ with “project” in the mail)

The spread of grades was as following :
A. 4 fantastic projects
B. 3 really good projects
C. 13 good projects
D. 16 ok projects
E. 12 on the edge projects
F. 12 (failed)

Most that failed did either not come up with a solution of an OK size. Think of the requirements for A2 and A4 put together. = 3-4 use cases with well tested, secure and validated input.
The second most common reason for failing was to not follow the MVC rules, for example producing output in model or using $_GET in the controller instead of in views.
The third most common error is to use arrays instead of classes, passing items in an array is only ok if the items have the same logical type.

The reexamination deadline will be Friday week 49. The project that are resubmitted should not only address issues mentioned in feedback but the full requirements of the project. I also want you to write a 5+ pages written story about how you fulfill projects requirement https://coursepress.lnu.se/kurs/webbutveckling-med-php/laborationsmiljo/projekt/. It should include information on how you have worked with use-cases, what kind of test-process you have used, how you have ensured that the code-quality of your work.
It should contain a discussion on the security of your project, threats and their mitigation strategy.
It should also contain a diagram of your code showing MVC components and their classes and the dependencies between them (including hidden dependencies).

The language should be Swedish or English and should be checked for writing and spelling errors.

Project Presentation

I got a few questions on how to do the project presentation.

I want 5-10 minutes of prepared showcase on what is interesting in your project.
The audience is programmers so you can be heavy on the technical details.
You can show code but keep it short and interesting!

* Tell us about your project vision
* Quick demo, not all tests, but show us it works and is cool
* Short anecdote on something code related.

Its OK for online-students to record a short video, preferably uploaded to youtube

A4 has been examined

Im happy to say that we have a result from A4.

I have included a little more information of the parameters we examine.

If you submitted an attempt you should have an email now…if not, email me…

Best Wishes

Online Workshop today

We will use connect https://connect.sunet.se/connect1dv608/ and start 13.15, don’t be late!

Since we had some technical difficulties yesterday using connect, we will be using slack as a backup communication channel if you experience problems to connect during the workshop, let me know… Yesterday we ended up using google hangouts on air… but lets hope connect can connect us today…

If you were unable to participate in yesterdays workshop(for Växjö students) or campus this morning, you are welcome to participate this afternoon.


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