In the project, you decide what you want to work on! There are several pre-defined projects you can select from, or you can define your own project.

Pre-defined projects

Project 1 – Recommendation System for MovieLens
Project 2 – Clustering Wikipedia articles
Project 3 – Text Classification of Wikipedia articles
Project 4 – Web scraping to generate new dataset for the search engine

Define your own project

You can define your own project where you use a dataset not previously used in the course for either a recommendation system, clustering, a search engine or machine learning. You can download a data set from for example or UCI Machine Learning Repository, or generate your own dataset using a web site scraper.

Before you can start working on your project, you must discuss your idea with Johan Hagelbäck to make sure it is of reasonable size and complexity. Contact the Johan on Slack to book a meeting.

When you submit and present your project you will get a suggested grade (A to F scale), along with some feedback on what you can do to get a higher grade. It is up to you to then decide if you are satisfied with the suggested grade, or if you want to spend more time on your project to get a higher grade.

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