A1 – Recommendation System

In assignment 1 you shall implement a recommendation system for the example movies data set from the lecture. It shall be implemented as a web application using a RESTful web service, in any programming language you like. You can work alone or in group of two students. You shall present your application and code at an oral examination.

Grade Requirements
  • Build a recommendation system that can find similar users and find recommendations for
    a user, using the example movies data set from the lecture
  • Implement the recommendation system as a web application using a RESTful web service
  • Use Euclidean distance as similarity measure
  • Implement the Pearson Correlation similarity measure
  • It shall be possible to select which measure to use from the web application
  • Implement functionality for pre-generating an Item-Based Collaborative Filtering table by
    transforming the original data set
  • Use the pre-generated table to implement a second way of finding recommendations for
    a user
  • It shall be possible to select how to find recommendations from the web application
    (Item-Based or User-Based)

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